Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lesson 12-Breeds of Swine

*Swine-a term used to refer to pigs.
3 Swine Raising Projects common in the Philippines:
1. Swine breeding project-to produce parent stock.
2. Farrow to Weanling piggery project-sells piglets or weanlings no longer nursing from sow.
3. Hog fattening project-for fattening pigs to be sold upon reaching marketable age.

Types of Breeds to Raise:
1. Lard or Ham type-mostly came from U.S.A.
a.)Duroc Jersey-came from New Jersey.
-color is dark red with shades of golden yellow.
-good milk producer & a good mother.
b.)Hampshire-color is black with white bond.
-originated from Kentucky.
-has short legs.
-hind legs & tail is black.
-erect ears.
c.)Poland China-from China.
-breeds of Chester white & Berkshire.
-color is black with 6 white spots all over the face,feet & tip of the tail.
-thick flesh.
d.)Spotted Poland China-similar to Poland China.
-50% black & 50% white in color.
e.)Chester White-from Pennsylvania.
-has white hair & skin.
-can weight from 900 lbs. or more.
f.)Hereford-has white head & ears.
-the rest of the body is light or dark red.
2. Bacon type
a.)Zamworth-color is dark red.
-long ,narrow,snout,erect ears.
-long,narrow,smooth sides of the body.
-strong back & shoulders.
b.)Yorkshire-native of Northern England.
-commonly raised in Canada,England,& Ireland.
-color is white with small black spots & large ears.
c.)Danish Landrace-from Denmark.
-has white hair & skin like Chester white.
-much large ears.
-flat & low back.
3. Intermediate type
a.)Berkjala-developed from UP College of Agriculture Los Banos.
-crossbreeds of native Jala-jala of Rizal & Berkshire stock.
b.)Crossbreeds-pigs produced by means of mating different breeds.